Who Invented the Traffic Light?

Even though, Garret Morgan in 1923 has received the honor of the very first Traffic light in 1923, another set of lights closely resembling the Traffic light 1920 were being used in Detroit already which may be called the traffic light 1920.  So, if not Garret Morgan, who invented the traffic light? According to records, the very first set of traffic light was reported to be installed in a busy intersection outside Parliament house in 1868. According to records, William Potts is the reported inventor of traffic lights.

This was before all, but the earliest steam automobiles, also was meant chiefly for horse and wagon traffic. It only had two colors, red to stop and green to get move with caution. It had been powered by gaslight gas, and had to be shifted from green to red. Following a little more than a month of operation, this traffic light exploded and caused some injuries to its operator.

So, when someone asks a brain stormer question; who invented the traffic light? You now know the answer.😉

Following that, traffic lighting inventors seem to have taken a long break before the twentieth century. Henry Ford’s a car in each driveway, made new traffic control nearly inevitable. Inventors set about attempting to design new traffic lights, and there have been U.S. Patents issued in 1918 and 1919 at 2 different inventors. One to James Hoge of Cleveland, Ohio who devised a two color red green traffic light that’s electric. Others were experimenting with adapting railroad signs to road usage, but William Potts deserves the credit for inventing the modern troika color traffic light. He rigged it from components from 3 colors of railroad lights along with a few switches and cable.

It started replacing policemen directing traffic in the corner of Woodward and Michigan Avenues. It could control traffic from four directions, and was quite successful. In the year from that very first day Detroit had more than a dozen traffic lights 1920 in operation. William Potts doesn’t seem to have improved his invention, along with a 1923 patent to Garret Morgan was soon acquired by General Electric which then began building and marketing traffic lights for the national market. Morgan’s design didn’t significantly affect the evolution of traffic lighting, but GE utilized his patent as a justification to try to conquer the market on the traffic lighting earnings. 

Despite of the fact that connecting lights is from an early di-color hand operated switch system. Today, there are many new technological innovations in this arena like interconnection, remote control, and possibly automation but non denies the fact of traffic light 1920 by William Potts. It isjust one technological enhancement in the Transport tech that allows the World move in more safe and easy way which is often time not taken as of importance. Despite widespread credit to Garret Morgan, William Potts seems to be the real inventor of traffic light.

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