PADDLE POP: let the Adventure & Masti Begin! (Destroying the Shadow Master)

Paddle Pop has reformulated its item go since 2014 by setting healthful breaking points to its frozen yogurts while consolidating fun tastes, surfaces and shapes. Here’s the Fun Food Meter, a fun and outwardly agent nibbling graph for simple examination and representation

Related to the arrival of study results and to instruct and connect with general society on healthfully capable eating, Paddle Pop has made a family-run play region at VivoCity Plaza 1, including a 130 square meter, life-sized 3D snake and stepping stool board.

The play zone subject depends on Paddle Pop’s most recent animation arrangement, Maglika, an enchanted dream land where Paddle Pop Lion and companions battle to overcome the underhanded Shadow Master. Maglika animation arrangement is presently screening on Cartoon Network Asia, consistently at 9am.

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