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What is the Air Traffic Controller Salary ?

What is the best Job? A question most ask and search the answer for but there is a heck lot of answers to it. Philosophically speaking, you should opt for job in which you are good at and enjoy working in it but in reality the money is also a factor. according to the reality factor, the most wage getting job are having air traffic controller jobs.

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Air Traffic Salary Overview

This is high in comparison to most professions in the US, and also comes along with a number of advantages. According to data from the Bureau of Labor, the median yearly, air traffic controller salary expected to get in May 2008 was $111, 870. The middle 50 percent of air traffic controllers earned a yearly commission between $71, 050 and $143, 780. The lowest 10 percent of air traffic controllers earned a yearly wage of less than $45, 020, whilst the highest 10% earned a yearly wage that surpassed $161, 010.

The federal government is the principal company of air traffic controllers, and 90 percent of all air traffic controllers in the US are connected in some way to the Federal Government. The average salary of air traffic controller working for the federal government could expect to get in March 2009 was $109, 218. The cover air traffic control system classifies the various air traffic facilities where controllers might work in one of the eight evaluations, and every rating has its own cover group.

Consequently, the wages of an air traffic control is based on the rating of the facility at which she or he works. The higher the rating, the higher the air traffic controller may expect to get, but with that growth in cover typically comes with a rise in the needs that have to be addressed on a daily basis, and a rise in the amount of ability, judgment, and decision making prowess an air traffic controller has to possess. Depending upon how long an air traffic control has worked, she or he can be eligible for between 13 and 26 days of paid holiday and up to 13 days of sick leave that’s paid with every calendar year, at the top of the normal life and medical health insurance benefits.

In comparison to other personnel of the Federal Government, air traffic controllers are also permitted to retire at a lower age and after having worked for fewer years. In many cases, however, there’s an obligatory age of retirement for air traffic controllers actively involved with the management of air traffic, which can be now age 56. Job Description and

How to become an Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controllers work with the National Aerospace System to make certain air traffic is predictable and coordinated, and that planes remain safe distances apart from each other. They mostly work for security, but additionally attempt to minimize delays.

The job outlook for air traffic controllers USA is projected to be great. Air traffic controllers are expected to experience an employment expansion that’s about as fast as the typical profession in the US, but the vast Most openings and opportunities or aviation careers in the field are expected to be related to the need to discover new workers for people who withdraw from the profession or abandon it to seek other opportunities. There’s likely to be a high level of competition for the positions that available inside the profession of air traffic controlling. Increases in air traffic in the forthcoming years will need a rise in the number of air traffic controllers to handle the extra work flow.

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There’s not expected to be a rise in job growth that matches the escalation in aircraft at the atmosphere and air traffic improvements thanks to air tracking technology that somewhat reduce the need for vigilance of air traffic controlling people. Training and Education Requirements: Air Traffic Controller will need to complete training and must possess and work experience if applying from the general public. Applicants without prior experience must be under the age of 30. Training and accreditation takes a few years.

Air Traffic Control Jobs Certification?

The certification needed for air traffic controllers depends on the facilities where the air traffic controller was trained. 

Certification will normally exist either as a graduation requirement from a coaching program or as a necessity that has to be completed soon after graduation from a training regime. To be employed every airline placing in the US, some form of accreditation will be required from a potential unmatched air traffic control, since the regulation of the domain is regarded as a top priority because of the safety and security ramifications of the profession. Usually accreditation will need a certain amount of supervised experience, along with many written and practical tests and years of training and coursework.

Professional associations

There is a huge variety of professional organizations and associations where air traffic controllers can seek membership.

It’s worth bearing in mind that air traffic controllers are members of unions, and the most famous of those unions in the National Air Traffic Control Association. The Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization.


But with all the best salary and Lavish there is a huge set of responsibility along with it. Air traffic controller jobs are not easy to do. along with a technical expertise, there is a huge risk for the lives and security of millions of people. Therefore, before considering aviation career alot has to be thought of.

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