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Top 5 Future Technology Inventions, 2019 to 2050

Future InventionField of solving issue
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ASAP ConnectMobile – Mobile
iNYXBed – World’s most advanced Bed iNYX Movie Theater Bed
MovpakTravel – Ride yourself and your luggage AliBaba
CARVSkiing- digital Guide and Tracker
HAWKEYESecurity- Indoor drone security Hawk-eye/a>

The future has arrived and the latest future technology is here today. From 2019 to 2050 there are stuff that is going to be introduced and will be used in  a normal way that you won’t consider it special.Technology is advancing at such a high pace but still it gives no problems or issues to Gen Y or Gen Z. these cohort have the ability to deal and defeat the latest technology.

Top 5 Future Technology Inventions

Following are the top 5 future technology inventions 2019 to 2050 that will blow your mind or you can even say that can make your life heck of easy.

1. ASAP CONNECT-the future of usb extension cable

When you here the small ting sound or watch your mobile charger connect and glow, it’s the sound and sight of relief. It makes you realize you are connected to the world again. Even though connecting your usb extension cable looks a simple job but it isn’t. We are always frustrated over the long or short cables that make your few seconds of a busy day go wasted just to deal with them. Introducing the Future of usb extension cable. From 2019 to 2050 a new cable is introduced known to be the “ASAP CONNECT”

It’s a magnetic cable that allows to connect your phone or USB devices to your cable quickly and effortlessly. ASAP connect is the Future Inventions 2050. Featuring rare earth new neodymium magnets, 18K gold plated connectors, aluminium shield and nylon braided cables, ASAP connect develops a new way of charging mobile battery

It features the world’s first reversible cable on both phone and the charger end. It works by inserting a tip in the phone and the cable magnetizes onto the phone. So no need to worry about your phone hanging with the usb extension cable, because you are now protected.

2. INYX- world’s most advanced bed:

Future Inventions 2050, the future of bed is here. iNYX has introduced the world’s most coolest and advanced bed that gives you the comfort of an entire room. You bed now becomes your bedroom and offers the best relaxing environment that you can imaging.

Everything that you can think of about a relaxing time in a room, you have it here at iNYX. It comes along with blinds you could close to provide better sleeping conditions. It’s got a integrated sound system and a projector to watch Hi-def films, play games or surf the internet.


  • Built-in retractable privacy blinds. You are able to cover bed from many sides should you wish. They’ll shade you from the Sun, artificial lighting, provide intimacy if needed or cinema like conditions
  • Built-in projector to watch movies, play video games, surf the internet work on your pc. You might also easily mount your own projector or upgrade iNyx with latest available projector models as the time pass.
  • Built-in 5 stage sound system.
  • Built-in Light-emitting diode lights, so you can choose colour from ambient blue, red or white light
  • Huge home theater screen sliding down in the base of the bed. By covering bed from many sides and projecting a movie you’ll have cinema like experience.
  • It has Champagne holders at which one may also safely place other beverages like soft drink, coffee, juices or other items.
  • Light system below the bed and over bed. Use them to make your own light show or set a sensual mood
  • King size bed dimensions- Mattress dimensions:180 x 200cm (king size)
  • Provides privacy. Do you’ve small kid who is sleeping near you in your bedroom? Due to iNyx design you can be close to your kid and in the exact same time have high level of intimacy/privacy.
  • iNyx has incorporated aromatic dispenser system simple to assemble and reassemble.
  • Due to iNyx design you can easily match bed in chambers with small door frames or move it to different localizations.
  • The Bed frame includes incorporated, foldable mechanism at the footboard on which you might attach a flat screen TV.
  • It has 2 foldable, adjustable integrated tables(concealed under the bed) which may be used as a work space or as an eating table
  • Re attachable roof. INyx can easily be re-attached and attached because of its elegant and modern design.

3. Movpak- Ride your backpack:

The biggest challenge that a common traveler faces in a normal daily life is carrying or walking heavy luggage or heavy baggage to their schools, workspace, vacation etc. But things are always not so stressing. Introducing the future of backpacks. Now ride your way and with it also keep ride your stuff. Introducing the  future inventions 2050 that help you get to the destination on time along with all your luggage. All you have to do is just stand and your task is completed.

Movepak has the ability to travel six miles on a single charge, with a plus point, at a speed of 15 miles per hour. Due to the new swappable batteries, increasing the range is also possible. In-case your Movpak is stolen, you can easily track it down. There is also an iOS and Android companion that helps you tracking it easily. Listen to you favourite playlist by built-in Bluetooth speakers to keep yourself entertained during  the journey.

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4. CARV- Your first digital ski coach:

Skiing is awesome, and the more you know it, the more fun you have.  But for those who have  a tough time managing it would not have  quite fun. The future invention 2050 in skiing is also introduced.

It provides world class digital instructions in your ears about skiing at the time of skiing. So, when you need a guide at skiing and any art, CARV is at your service.

Improve your skiing with continuous sound input on each turn. Get customized skiing tips as you go and point by point investigation each time you stop – simply like a ski mentor.

Carv’s Ski:IQ examinations balance, edging, pivot and weight continuously to think about your capacity against the best on the planet.

With Carv’s leaderboards, contend and associate with loved ones anyplace so you can at long last settle who truly is the better skier.

Discover how you perform against different skiers on every single piste in your nearby retreat or around the world.

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