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HBO ’19: It All Starts Here | Coming Soon

Game of Thrones Teaser 2019

We all want a real trailer. Of course. But before then, Today we got season 8 teaser. This is the game of thrones trailer season 8 but HBO has released 3 teaser clips and just one photo from the last season of Game of Thrones. Preview the game of throne season 8 as we have assembled them below.

“Crypts of Winterfell”

The most recent teaser will be the best yet, a moody evocative piece headed by GoT veteran David Nutter and comprising new final season music by composer Ramina Javadi. This Jon Snow, Sansa Stark and Arya Stark are haunted by the voices of the dead at tombs of Winterfell and the impending arrival of the night king. Notice the yield of the feather which Robert Baratheon put on lianna stark’s crypt back in the aviator which, with the callback to Ned Stark’s line to Jon Snow, Teases into the impending problem of jon snow parentage. 

HBO’s 2019 First Look teaser

Sansa Stark meets Daenerys Targaryen for the very first time in a reception at Winterfell. Fans have focused on Sansa’s somewhat chilly attitude towards the dragon queen. Jon bending the knee to Daenerys is sure to be a point of disagreement. Bound to 40 seconds to see the scene:

HBO’s Early 2019 Preview: 

The official video has been removed from on-line, but here’s a gif showing a super fast clip that some fans originally didn’t think was new footage given that it looked so familiar. The shot seems to be from the exact same scene as the preceding Sansa meets Dany clip. 

So perhaps the individual Sansa is distractedly looking at over Jon’s shoulder is, in fact, Dany? 

EW’s first look cover

The introduction photo of the final season kicked off a deep dive behind the scenes cover story, The End of the Game of Thrones, showed Dany snuggling with Jon collectively from the North for the very first time!.

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